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Steam News  Steam Client Update erschienen
Heute Nacht ist ein neues Steam Client Update erschienen. Das Update wird automatisch von Steam heruntergeladen und soll folgende Verbesserungen bewirken:

- Updated the web browser component to Chromium version 47.0.2526.49
- Improved error messages for some unusual login failure cases
- Fixed a crash when launching games for the first time while Steam is offline

Big Picture
- Improved UI navigation when using the mouse in several areas
- Changed the default ambient music volume to off, this setting can be configured under the Audio Settings page
- Expanded the Resume and Explore part of Library, adding more rows based on friend activity and recent game updates
- Added a new option to control how the left Steam Controller touchpad scrolls Web pages (see "Web Browser" settings)
- Added a new option to the system menu, "Minimize Big Picture"
- Improved zooming in web browser
- Fixed going back to the main menu when selecting some pages inside of settings
- Fixed Steam Community landing page not loading in Italian
- Fixed being unable to navigate to the right column of Friends settings
- Fixed some Steam/XInput controller buttons showing up as "UNKNOWN" when binding shortcuts (ie., taking a screenshot)
- Fixed Exit menu popping up when just tapping the Guide button on a controller, not only on a long hold
- Fixed watching DOTA 2 broadcasts
- Fixed several crashes
- Linux Fixed failing to send some special characters to games through the Big Picture overlay keyboard
- Fixed The Beginner's Guide crashing on startup
- Improved multi-monitor support for the Steam Link

Mac OS X
- Fixed Steam Controller failing to work after exiting and relaunching Big Picture mode without restarting Steam
- Fixed web pages displaying at 1/4 of their correct size under Big Picture

- Fixed an unexpected 60fps framerate cap when broadcasting is enabled

VR Mode
- Switched the Steam UI to use the VR dashboard on Windows for Oculus devices.

In-Home Streaming
- Added game controller mouse emulation for game launchers, use right trigger to click
- Added new advanced host and advanced client options. Some settings, such as hardware encoder choice, are only accessible from Big Picture mode
- Updated game capture modes for improved consistency and reliability
- frame-rate impact of running Big Picture mode while streaming
- Improved interactions with third-party overlays such as Uplay
- Improved video stream quality when AMD hardware encoding is enabled
- Fixed some known causes of black screen flashes
- Fixed issues when switching games or when transitioning from launcher to game
- Fixed many framerate issues with capture on NVIDIA SLI systems

Steam Controller
The list of changes here are too numerous to call out, so we have made an overview of the changes.
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geschrieben von Zicke - 11.12.2015 - 06:54

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